A Love Letter To Your Family


Dear Anxious Single Mom,

I know you wonder if you are a good parent. You worry that Johnny’s behavior problems and problems at school are because you aren’t consistent enough or you let him watch too much T.V.

Please hear me when I say that only a good parent would be so concerned about their child. You are the best parent for Johnny, you just need more support.

There is no shortage of people who will give you advice or tell you what you’re doing wrong. But maybe what you and Johnny really need is someone who will have your back.

The only hard and fast rule in parenting is that we love our children, even when we don’t like them, or especially when we don’t particularly like ourselves.

I see how much you love Johnny and I know he sees it too. Everything else is just theory and we discover what works for our own families through trial and error.

I believe in you and I believe in Johnny.  Let’s work together to get him on the right track.


The Therapist


When I was struggling in the trenches of parenting, and taking my son to therapy, this is the type of relationship I wished I had with the therapist. When your kid is struggling you can hear so much criticism and blame from those around you that it can be extra hard to ask for help when you need it most. And unfortunately, well meaning professionals, can unknowingly trigger, what I call parenting shame. When I work with kids I want parents to know that I’ve always got your back. I support you because ultimately that is what will help your kid the most.

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