Parent Coaching & Support

Parent Coaching & Support

I remember the first time holding my newborn baby, wanting so much for him, and wanting to be the “perfect” parent. Of course we all quickly learn that it’s not possible to be a “Perfect” parent, but you still want to be the best parent you can. You want to do everything in your power to help your child grow up happy and healthy.
This parenting job can be complex. Parental instincts are able to guide us along the way but sometimes instincts don’t feel like enough. A little bit of education and support can really help further your family goals. Here are some reasons you might want to seek Parent Coaching:

Personality Differences

Each child has their own personality and temperament. One thing the parenting books don’t always mention is that parents can find their child’s temperament very challenging and even have personality clashes with their child. As your child moves into the teen years these differences can become a significant source of disruption in the home. If you feel like all you do is argue with your teenager some parent coaching could be helpful.

Transitioning to the Teen years

I remember being surprised how each new stage of my child’s development required me to learn new parenting skills. As children grow and conquer new developmental tasks parents have to adjust, and this can feel stressful at times. Most parents seem to agree that the teenage years can be the most stressful. Unfortunately I think parents learn to just expect the teenage years to be bad and are given little hope for improvement. If Parenting your teenager is stressful some Parent or Family Coaching Sessions can help you and your family learn some new skills to improve your family life.

Family Transitions

Big transitions in the family such as moving, divorce, addition of new family members, or a death in the family can be stressful for everyone. Sometimes during stressful transitions children can develop disruptive behaviors. While Family Therapy can help during these times Parent Coaching sessions can also be a big help. It can be difficult for parents to cope with their own emotions AND support their children. Parent Coaching can provide you with your own support and teach you some new skills to support your children.

Emotional/School Difficulties

When your child is having emotional difficulties like Depression or Anxiety they can also exhibit behaviors that are disruptive to the family. Or even if there is no disruptive behavior it can be hard to watch your child struggle and not know how to help them. Often emotional difficulties or extreme stress can be linked to difficulties at school. Middle School and High School can be especially stressful for kids as they become teenagers. Helping them navigate this important development time can give them the best chance of becoming successful and happy adults. Parent Coaching can give you the skills necessary to help your child navigate difficult emotions and challenging developmental stages.

Often Parent Coaching works well in conjunction with individual therapy for your Teen or child. I can help you identify patterns that aren’t working and find solutions that DO work for your family. I work in a way that is non-judgmental because as a parent myself I know how hard this job can be. Together we can find Positive Parenting Strategies so you can improve upon the strengths you have already. Your choice to seek Parent Coaching will be role modeling healthy problem solving for your child and teach them the benefit of asking for help when needed.

If you have more questions about how you could benefit from Parent Coaching please contact me today.

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