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Fear for your adolescent’s future? You have an adolescent who is failing at school, struggling with friends, making poor decisions. You’re up at 2am worrying that they are not on the path to happy and healthy adulthood.

Fed up with repetitive arguments? Over and over again you have to tell your adolescent to do their homework, chores around the house. They don’t listen, they resist. You’re at your wits end and just want some peace again.

Want more out of life? You’re tired of the treadmill of life, just going, going all the time. Is this all there is? You long for more joy, more satisfaction and peace of mind.

Nothing changes in life until we decide to take that first step on a new path


• Taking charge of your household
• Experiencing greater peace of mind as a parent
• Learning to enjoy your teen again
• Seeing your teenager thrive

Counseling for families and teens in Lafayette, CA. for when your kid is just a little more complicated

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About Erica Thomas

The challenges of COVID19 and Shelter-in-Place orders have challenged our family bonds. The following newspaper article provides insight and tips from me and other local therapists about coping with these challenges.
Sonoma County families feel the strain of shelter orders as pandemic alters daily life

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