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Do you feel like you know how to make healthy changes in your life but you just keep going back to the same self sabotaging behaviors? Do you have a true desire to take better care of yourself but life always seems to get in the way? Do you feel hopeless about ever being able to feel at home in your body? Maybe you feel like you don’t even like yourself very much.

As someone who has struggled as long as I can remember with weight, eating, and body image I understand the cycle well. I would feel bad about myself, blame it on my weight, try a new diet, sometimes have some success and lose some weight, backslide into old behaviors, regain the weight, feel even worse about myself. This is worse than going around in circles, it’s a downward spiral into hopelessness and despair.

In my determination to break out of this cycle I have learned a few things along the way and I am passionate about sharing them.

  1. Me not liking my body was really me not liking myself, and before I could change my body I had to learn a certain level of self-acceptance.
  2. This endless back and forth struggle with making changes produces a complex web of shame and the more I tried to get out the more enmeshed I became. Extracting myself had to be a gentle and loving process.
  3. Trusting my own inner wisdom is an essential part of taking care of myself in ALL areas of my life.

This most recent leg of my journey has been about Weight and living a healthy lifestyle, but any place in your life where you feel stuck and unable to make changes can benefit from my approach. We will work collaboratively. No judgment allowed! Through radical acceptance and loving presence you will find the right actions for you. You will find it easy to stick to your new actions because you will be on your own right path. Additionally you will learn how to bring presence into those dark moments when the old behaviors try to lure you back, AND you will learn how to bring Love into the moments when you may slip back into old behaviors.

This is not a journey that has a destination, it is simply the journey of a life well lived. If you would like my guidance I would be honored to accompany you for a bit.

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