Teen Girls Group

Teen Girls Group

Being a teenager is more challenging than it used to be. School has become more competitive, social media has made teen life more public than ever before, and with information constantly at our fingertips life is moving faster all the time. The following are some particular challenges that girls can face during this important stage of development.

  • Depression and Anxiety – During adolescence girls are twice as likely as boys to experience mood disturbances.
  • Friendship issues – Bullying or “Mean Girls” and peer pressure can cause significant distress for girls.
  • Romantic Relationships – Girls can benefit greatly from learning about characteristics of a healthy relationship, and how to maintain their own boundaries.
  • Self-Esteem and Body Image are big issues for girls, especially because a girls’ self confidence plummets around age 12.

This weekly group for Girls ages 13-17 yrs.old will help your family more effectively address these challenges. We will use a holistic approach, incorporating mind body modalities such as Mindfulness, and yoga, as well as educational topics about; Handling peer pressure, positive body image, having healthy boundaries, and developing your strengths.

Group will run for 8 weeks from September 19th, 2019-November 21st, 2019

To get more information or register for this group contact me today.

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