Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family Relationships are our first relationships in life. In our families we learn how to communicate and handle conflict. We develop our values and initial world views in our family. We learn how to express and cope with emotions. Our families can be a positive source of love and support, however all families also experience challenges.

Life events such as health issues, marital difficulties, substance abuse, work or financial issues, or school problems can be a real source of disruption or pain.

Some Common Signs that Your Family may need Additional Support

  • You feel like all you do is argue
  • Your family never seems to spend time together on family outings or at family meals
  • One or more family members have a problem with substance abuse or is in recovery
  • Separation, divorce, or marital difficulties
  • Moving to a new city or state
  • Health issues
  • New family members through birth, adoption, or remarriage
  • Death in the family
  • Family members have trouble completing household chores or daily tasks
    You stop talking to each other because every communication seems to end badly

I can provide support and help your family work through these challenges. You can gain an understanding of your current communication styles and problem solving skills. I can teach you new, positive skills to help your family through the challenging situation. We will explore how your family functions and the possible sources of conflict by looking at spoken and unspoken rules, as well as roles each person plays in the family structure. We will set goals that increase positive interactions and strengthen your family relationships.

Some Benefits of Family Therapy

  • Greater family harmony
  • Increased understanding and support
  • Stronger family bond
  • Healthier development of the children

Family Therapy can include parents, children, siblings, and extended family members. Family therapy can be very effective when used in conjunction with individual therapy. Issues with children and teens often benefit from additional family sessions to identify and change family dynamics that may be contributing to challenging behaviors.

If you think your family could use the support of family therapy then call for a free 30 minute phone consultation and we can discuss your concerns.

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